AVLinkPro Bridges

Crestron Integration Diagram Examples


AVLinkPro™ provides a true video intercom communication solution for Crestron environments. These systems enable enhancements to Crestron Ecosystems providing advanced connectivity, video streaming and diverse interoperability previously not possible. No other intercom or door station system alone can provide the wide array of features and benefits that only AVlinkPro™ can deliver. By adding the support of an AVlinkPro™ system, you will add huge benefits to a Crestron ecosystem.


  • Now easily discovers Crestron touch screens with one click management
  • Allows for choice of video door intercom brand: DoorBird, Aiphone, Holovision, Siedle, Came BPT, 2N,Mobotix & more…
  • Captures RTSP video streams and renders them into SIP audio and video
  • Enhanced RAVA SIP intercom features (Allowing panel to panel and intercom paging)*
  • Superior intercom paging and audio prompting (Custom ring tones and sounds)
  • MDU Capabilities with unlimited endpoints goes beyond limits of RAVA and other systems (No limit to number of panels)
  • Full usage of Crestron endpoints (Enhances features eg: ability to make and receive phone calls)*
  • Event trigger and actuation capabilities (Trigger actions on Crestron DM or NVX)
  • One to many video intercom functions (Group broadcast and multi-cast)
  • Intercom/Touchscreen group control (Choose what Crestron devices are part of intercom group)
  • Intercom/Touchscreen time of day routing and do not disturb functions (Programmable opt-in/out)
  • Open audio/ Open Mic paging (Enabling paging throughout with hands free response)
  • Operates in LAN, VLAN or Subnet networks (Provides a secure way to communicate)
  • Full system broadcast features (Page or stream to other parts of your ecosystem)*
  • Message recording features (Voicemail and video voicemail available)
  • New Intelligent Voice Attendant now available on every AV LinkPro system
  • Crestron specific systems presets (Built in specific templates and auto provisioning tools)
  • Transcoded video streaming in multiple output formats (Send video out through HDMI or IP)
  • Offers telephony interface options for Crestron Ecosystems (Add it to the residence phone system)
  • Works with Natively with Series 2, Series 3, Pyng OS2 & Crestron Home
  • Our recently released SIPAHOY Extension package  adds many new communication features to Crestron Home  

Multi Dwelling (MDU)

AVLinkPro™ MDU Crestron Home Intercom Enhanced Integration using LP-360 or LP-RAD where individual units have their own Crestron processor


Enhanced MDU

AVLinkPro™ MDU Crestron Home Intercom Enhanced Integration using LP-360 or LP-RAD


Single Residence

AVLinkPro™ Simple Single Crestron Home Intercom Integration Diagram using CH-100 Model


Enhanced Single Residence

AVLinkPro™ Enhanced Single Crestron Home Intercom Integration Diagram using CH-100 Model


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