Public Address Systems

2N(R) Audio Manager SW (+ 10 x RTP Licenses )


Install Site or Company Wide IP audio more easily and faster - No longer available - Please enquire.

The 2N® NetSpeaker Server is a software application, which runs in the background of your PC or on a Network Server as a service. The application allows you to transform your PC into a complete radio exchange and public address system, which, instead of working on audio cables, utilizes the existing data network. This is especially suitable for audio distribution in large premises, amusement parks, chain stores etc.

The 2N® NetSpeaker Server is a basic SW platform for most 2N IP audio products and this makes it necessary for successful functioning of these products. Thes products can include the 2N IP range of Intercoms. Its main task is to process audio sources, such as for example playlists, internet radio stations or different announcements from phones, 2N® NetSpeaker Console or 2N® NetSpeaker Virtual Sound Card user applications or from 2N® NetMic of 2N® NetStreamer audio devices.

The application creates audio streams from these sources and streams them through an IP network into different destinations. The destinations may be 2N® NetSpeaker or 2N® NetSpeaker Lite audio systems of 2N® IP Speaker loudspeakers, but also different third party devices which can reproduce audio. The software also controls priorities of the individual audio streams according to settings adjusted in the 2N® NetSpeaker Control Panel application. Another feature the user is sure to appreciate is the Planner function for automatic broadcasting of announcements at preset times as well as remote control of the whole system.

By adding 2N interface hardware to your existing lagacy public address system we can turn it into an IP audio end point which can be easily added to the system.

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