Akuvox - File Management

We have had requests in relation to handling files such as the Dial Plan downloaded DialReplace.tgz file.  This is actually quite simple to resolve.  Process is as follows:......

Steps to edit and import the user XML data file in Akuvox Intercoms

  1. After exporting and saving the TGZ file from the R28 intercom, extract the XML file using WIN RAR or any other compatible app.
  2. Open the XML file using MS Excel (Open Excel and use the File Open dialog box to select the XML File)
  3. You should now see your XML data with the row elements in bold at the top. There should also be a blue border around your data, a blue asterisk in the last row. This asterisk is where you would add a new row.
  4. Drag the blue asterisk down the page for the number of extra entries you intend to add.
  5. Edit your data inside the blue border. This is the only thing that will be saved if you save the file as XML data.
  6. To save your changes click the “Save as” button. Change the file type to XML Data (*.xml) and save as a different name ie. DialReplaceNew
  7. The XML file is now ready to be imported in Akuvox R28. NOTE: Import as XML.

Once loaded check to ensure the date has loaded correctly.

This should be the same procedure for any Akuvox Intercom that has DialPlan or other data Export/Import area which exports as TGZ or XML file

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