Our Support

SUPPORT - It is easy to say, but difficult to implement for many.  Here at SIPSol it is at our heart.  We feel that to be able to offer this as a distributor is a must.  We also expect the full back up of our suppliers which we obtain for every product range before we commit to supply..  We believe that support is lead from the front and is offered to the end user in three tiers.

  • First line of support is the Integrator
  • Second line of support is the Distributor
  • Third line of support is the Manufacturer

Where is the line drawn then.  If you are integrating with products outside of our supply due to project requirements we will do our best and support you but as we do not have the knowledge of the third party item and no back up support for their product then we cannot guarantee a resolve.

Please feel free to contact us for any support required on our products.